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Chinese auto brand Nio zeroes in on 7-seat electric SUV

Industry veteran Jack Cheng outlines the strategy of Chinese EV maker Nio, which is beginning volume deliveries of a 7-seat SUV conceived as a Tesla fighter.

Supplier sector churns even as rankings stay stable

Beneath the surface of steady growth, change and repositioning are roiling the global supplier industry.

GM realigns execs in autonomous push

General Motors has realigned the responsibilities of two top executives in a move that underscores the importance and immediacy of its work on autonomous vehicles.

Volvo opens new U.S. factory, now it is racing the clock

Volvo just threw the switch to launch its South Carolina assembly plant. But it has its eye on a bigger goal in 36 months.


Volvo's upcoming made-in-America S60 will target younger buyers and hold the promise of diverse powertrains.